We would like to show you how we celebrated our third birthday – hand in hand with TOPRUM’s very first. On May 9th we gathered some pretty cool people at the RUM House and they had no clue what they’re about to witness.

Who doesn’t like champaign?

Guessing what about to happen.

The night started at the top of the city with delicious bites and RUM cocktail specialities spiced up with live music. 

Blahalousiana made sure that we have the perfect music to enjoy the night.

Welcome bites are on point.

Starting from the history of the house – at the beginning of the century as a brothel – the atmosphere of the evening was determined by the mix of burlesque and circus world. The guests could gain insight into the rooms, where a mentalist, a card magician, acrobats and even a pair of actors entertained them while enjoying quality rum.

This is magic!

Played the ace.

Theoretical delight.

Rozina was having fun – you can tell.

At the end of the tour, the guests could meet a fortune teller. She was talking about a new restaurant they will all visit in the near future.

Tasting mouth-watering snacks at the last stop.

Stay Tuned! It’s coming soon!