There were days when our beloved RUM was filled with contemporary art before Budapest-based designers started to create the final interior! The exhibition and fair was organized in cooperation with Art Forward.

Through 6 floors and 39 unfinished rooms of the building, the 4-days long mini-festival showcased the most interesting branches of comtemporary art, ranging from painting, sculpting, photography, installation, video-art, to fashion and design with 70 artists! Next to the exhibition, visitors could join in various performances, parties, gastro events, concerts, art-cinema, roundtable discussions and on top of it all, a Sunday Brunch.

We had super 4 days! ART PROJECT created a platform to meet between the walls of the soon-to-open RUM HOTEL. It was a pleasure to have conversation with our beloved guests and the artists themselves, to make sure these “local” artists and performers are actually known by You, the locals.

See you soon in HOTEL RUM, Urbans!